Get Involved with La Honda Fire

Become a Firefighter

Our firefighters are a well trained, disciplined group of local residents who come together to serve the community. The department is 100% volunteer. As a firefighter, you will run first-out on all types of emergencies, and:

  • Be trained to industry standards in firefighting of all types, emergency medical care, and the handling of public hazards.
  • Receive all PPE (personal protective equipment) and be trained on its proper use.
  • Receive liability insurance, injury, and disability insurance.
  • Join a crew of other skilled firefighters to serve your community.

Help out at Events

The Brigade hosts half a dozen community events every year. They bring community members together, and raise important operational funds for the Brigade.

Our volunteers report enjoying their connection to the community. We have fun, and we always welcome and appreciate your help!

South Coast CERT Logo
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Join the CERT team

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is activated whenever significant events tax the normal emergency response structures in San Mateo County, and are called to provide critical community support.

Examples include:

  • Major storms and land slides of 2018
  • PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdowns of 2019
  • Annual La Honda Chipper Program

Receive free training and equipment and become a resource during large emergencies!

Learn HAM Radio emergency operations

La Honda Fire Brigade works closely with the South Coast SC4ARC HAM radio club's ARES-certified radio operators. ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

Serving the remote La Honda community means we are occasionally cut off from all communications (no cell phones, no internet). The SC4 ARES group and LHFB train together in emergency communications, and even have the capacity for autonomous emergency call-taking and dispatching of Fire resources!

Become a Board Member

La Honda Fire Brigade board members, like the firefighters, are all volunteers. The board meets every month to support the operations of the fire department, including:

  • Acting as a voice for community members to the Brigade, and vice-versa
  • Organizing community events & fundraisers
  • Managing the Brigade's finances