Become a Firefighter

Unlike some “volunteer reserve firefighters”, our firefighters comprise 100% of our first responders and run first-out on all types of emergencies, including:

  • Medical aids

  • Traffic accidents

  • Structure fires

  • Wildland fires

  • Floods & mud slides

  • ... and more

You will be trained to interface with other agencies such as:

  • Law enforcement

  • Coast guard

  • CalFire & Coastside Fire

  • Stanford LifeFlight & CalStar helicopter operators

Lastly, you will:

  • Be trained to industry standards in firefighting of all types, emergency medical care, and the handling of public hazards.

  • Receive all PPE (personal protective equipment) and be trained on its proper use.

  • Receive liability insurance, injury, and disability insurance.

Our firefighters actually do everything they are trained to do, and find it both fun and rewarding.

Being a Firefighter is not for everyone. If you are up to the challenge please fill out the below form and we will contact you!