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South Coast CERT is a proud partner of the California For All Emergency Preparedness Campaign, called LISTOS California. LISTOS is a governor sponsored effort to boost disaster preparedness by engaging over 1 million of the most vulnerable Californians and connecting them with culturally and linguistically competent support. For more information on LISTOS, go to

Critical Steps for Preparedness:

  • Sign up for the San Mateo Alert System:

  • Create your own emergency plan:

  • Get to safety with things you need – a GO BAG

  • Stay safe at home when you can’t leave – a STAY BAG

  • Help friends and neighbors

  • See Emergency Preparedness TO DOs here

LISTOS California logo

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is activated whenever significant events tax the normal emergency response structures in San Mateo County.

Examples include:

  • Major storms and land slides of 2018

  • PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdowns of 2019

CERT team members:

  • Receive 20 hours of training delivered over 4 weeks.

  • Learn techniques in: first aid, search and rescue, fire extinguisher use, medical triage, emergency communication, and more.

  • Participate in periodic drills/exercises on a volunteer-friendly schedule.

  • Learn how to remain safe while helping others.

  • Assist Fire and other emergency response personnel in the event of a large-scale disaster.

  • Play a major role in the annual Chipper Program, reducing available fire fuel in the community.