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Remodel Update

As we begin to return to a more normal routine, we are happy to report that the construction project is in full swing at the firehouse, and our contractor, Godoy construction, is making great progress. Although we had the usual delays of construction that were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the processes required to obtain permits went virtual. We expect to be completed with construction in late spring / early summer, and we look forward to having an open house to showcase the newly renovated station with additional space to support emergency operations required to protect our community. The La Honda Fire Brigade thanks the community for your continued and unwavering support of our mission to protect life, property, and the environment!

Type 5 Wildland Engine Update

The CZU lightning fire highlighted the need for a small agile vehicle that can access remote fires. Fire engines are classified into 7 “types” based on the hose, water, and pump capacities. We determined that a Type 5 Fire Engine will provide us with the missing capabilities needed to help your firefighters get closer to the source of a remote fire. This small fire engine can traverse roads and bridges that the bigger engines cannot. Thanks to the generosity of the community, we were able to raise the necessary funds to purchase this apparatus. There was no on-the-market Type 5 Fire Engine that met our requirements. Therefore, we decided to buy the chassis and build to our specifications. Covid and supply issues significantly impacted our ability to obtain the chassis. Finally, after a year of searching nationally, a chassis was found in Gilroy of all places. The chassis was immediately picked up before anyone else could get to it. It has now been transferred to a company in Tracy for the build. We expect the Type 5 Engine to be in service by Spring 2023.

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Open Burn Status

Open burning is restricted in San Mateo County. Read on to learn more.

The widgets to the left help determine, at a glance, if burning with a permit is allowed. At a minimum

  1. You must have a burn permit

  2. There must be no Spare The Air alert

  3. The Coast Section status for today must say "Burn" (not "No Burn"). You may call (800) 792-0787 for a voice recording of the current burn status.

If you do not have a permit, or you are not familiar with the process, do not proceed with open burning.