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2023 Coastside Gives

Giving Day May 4

Coastside Gives is an annual event that brings the Coastside together as one community while raising money and awareness for our local nonprofits during a 24-hour giving challenge.

The funds we receive in our 2023 Coastside Gives campaign will help us purchase an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), which can get us directly to a victim or to the source of a fire.

Small fires in remote areas become big fires that threaten our communities.  And it is often difficult to get to the location of an injured hiker, bicyclist, or horseback rider with a fire engine.

The ERV will significantly reduce the time it takes to hike into the backcountry to get to that small fire before it becomes big and to transport a patient from a remote area to an awaiting helicopter.

Early giving started on March 1.  You can give anytime up to midnight on May 4.

Thank you for your generous and continued support!

Open Burn Status

Open burning is restricted in San Mateo County. Read on to learn more.

The widgets to the left help determine, at a glance, if burning with a permit is allowed. At a minimum

If you do not have a permit, or you are not familiar with the process, do not proceed with open burning.