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Volunteer Firefighters are always wanted and needed! Our firefighters are a well trained, disciplined group of local residents who come together to serve the community. Unlike some “volunteer reserve firefighters”, our firefighters comprise 100% of our department and run first-out on all types of emergencies. Our firefighters actually do everything they are trained to do, and find it both fun and rewarding. As a La Honda Firefighter-recruit you will:

  • Be trained to industry standards to fight all types of fires, effect rescues, provide emergency medical care, save lives, protect the property of local residents and businesses, protect the environment, and more.
  • Experience the personal reward of serving your community
  • Receive all safety equipment, training, background check, medical evaluation, injury/disability insurance, and retirement benefits. ALL AT NO MONETARY COST TO YOU!
  • Join one of the last, and most respected all-volunteer firefighting organizations in the area.

Being a Firefighter is not for everyone. If you are up to the challenge please fill out the below form and we will contact you!

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    Please Note: At this time we are only accepting applicants who live within the response area of the La Honda Fire Department