Summer Burn Ban Lifted
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Nov 6, 2016 Comments Off on Summer Burn Ban Lifted Captain Panofsky


The ban on open burning in the rural portions of San Mateo County has been lifted. This means that property owners and residents can resume normal LEGAL open burning practices. Some important things to remember before you burn include:

1) You may not burn on “no burn days”. In our area, these are determined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. You may also call your nearest County Fire/Calfire station to check the daily status. (Phone numbers below)

2) You may only burn natural, dry vegetation from on your property which can not be practically removed in any other way.

3) You may not burn dimensional lumber, trash, garbage, hazardous materials, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4) Burn piles must be kept to a maximum size of 4 feet in diameter.

5) You must have a water supply such as a garden hose ready. A shovel is also recommended.

6) You are liable for any damage caused by your fire including but not limited to run-away fires and smoke damage.

7) You may be cited for any violations.

More information can be found in the following document:

CZU Summer Burn Ban Lifted