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Aug 3, 2015 Comments Off on PRESS RELEASE: Volunteer Fire Brigades Exempted From Tax Captain Panofsky


For more information:
La Honda Fire Brigade Chief Ari Delay: 650-747-0381
La Honda Fire Brigade Board Member Peggy Wargo: 650-839-3933


September 3, La Honda, California — Last night California Governor Jerry Brown signed State Bill 598 into law, which eliminates paying sales taxes on fundraisers for All Volunteer fire departments across the state. This will save these important organizations thousands of dollars a year, funds much needed for new equipment, services and supplies to save lives in their communities.

The bill was initiated by members of the La Honda Volunteer Fire Brigade located in a small mountain town south of San Francisco.  Formed in 1950, the Brigade asked that volunteer fire departments be added to the list of “consumers” in the eyes of the State Board of Equalization, thereby removing the requirements the Sales and Use Tax Law places on Retailers.   The bill was sponsored by California State Senator Jerry Hill and supported by Chief Ron Coleman, National Volunteer Fire Council and Afrack Vargas, California State Firefighters Association.

“This bill will put thousands of dollars into the budgets of these often tiny fire departments formed out of a community need for their life-saving services. Many parts of California rely on volunteer fire departments to provide fire prevention and emergency response, especially in rural areas. These departments mostly comprise residents who voluntarily band together to provide these vital public services. It will save our fire brigade thousands of dollars each year that we can desperately use,” said La Honda Fire Brigade Chief Ari Delay.

You can read the entire text of the bill here: